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Akash Balti began life in 1999 when Mr. Soyful Alam was invited to become Head Chef and join two other members of staff in a brand new venture.

Mr. Alam attended the famous George Salter High School in West Bromwich, and left school in 1989. He is still to this day Head Chef and is as passionate as he was when he first started his tenure.

Despite almost constant recession, the restaurant has enjoyed continuous growth - thanks to a loyal and a steadily increasing clientele of discerning diners. Our customers are mainly local people - many of whom dine with us not just weekly but several times throughout the week.

Many other clients travel in from further afield - a true indicator of a restaurant's popularity! This has enabled us to refurbish, upgrade and extend the restaurant to its current high standard.

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A Great Venue for Celebrating
Birthdays, Engagements & Family Events

Akash Balti uses chefs from Delhi in order to bring you an authentic taste of The Sub Continent in West Bromwich. If you are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, or you simply fancy eating authentic Indian cuisine tonight.


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